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Prevent Child Abuse Virginia houses a Family Resource Center that includes hundreds of flyers, brochures, videotapes and other materials to educate parents, caregivers, prevention professionals, students and others about numerous issues related to parenting, child development, and the social and emotional well-being of children, parents and families.

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To request information on a specific parenting or child-related topic not listed below, please contact Garrett Johnson at gjohnson@pcav.org.

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Using Protective Factors for ACYF Populations courtesy of Child Welfare Information Gateway and The Children’s Bureau
Protective factors are conditions or attributes of individuals, families, communities, or the larger society that can promote well-being by serving as “buffers” to the effects of risk exposure and helping individuals and families negotiate difficult circumstances and fare better in school, work, and life. A new series of factsheets for practitioners reviews current research linking protective factors to well-being for five in-risk populations served by the Administration on Children, Youth and Families (ACYF):
Promoting Protective Factors for children exposed to domestic violence
Promoting Protective Factors for children and youth in foster care
Promoting Protective Factors for in-risk families and  youth
Promoting Protective Factors for pregnant and parenting teens
Promoting Protective Factors for victims of child abuse and neglect


Visit our Prevention Month Archives and Current 2015 Prevention Month Packet for printable resources.

The Prevention Month Packet is a tool for individuals and communities to modify and use to support local child abuse prevention efforts. The information included in these packets will help to improve the safety and well being of children by offering parenting tips and discussing how to bring communities together to prevent the abuse and neglect of Virginia’s children.

Success In School

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Child Abuse Prevention Month 2012 PSA



Parenting Flyers

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