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Prevent Child Abuse America and Jake Corman v. The National Collegiate Athletic Association

Prevent Child Abuse America recently took the opportunity to weigh-in on Jake Corman v. The National Collegiate Athletic Association. The message below is in regard to the Penn State sexual abuse case and how the fines that were levied should be distributed. Many people in Pennsylvania think they should be distributed there. Others believe that since students at Penn State are from many states and child sexual abuse occurs everywhere, that the funds should be distributed nationally. Jim Hmurovich, our PCAA CEO, was asked to be part of a group that was to decide. Now, someone has brought suit to keep the funds in Pennsylvania. The attachment is a letter from Jim to the Judge.

To read the letter, please go to the below link. Also, please feel free to re-post the link, and if you have any questions about the letter please don’t hesitate to ask those as well.

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