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Group Forms to Combat Abuse at Child Care Facilities

PRWEB.COM Newswire ; November 23, 2013

Prince William County, Virginia (PRWEB) November 23, 2013 – Following reports by the Virginia Department of Social Services (Report no. 22VAC40-185-410-1) concerning recent child abuse incidents that were reported to have occurred at Minnieland Academy at The Glen, a group of concerned parents, teachers, and child care professionals have created Minnieland Watch, a new organization that will advocate for policy changes relating to daycare safety and staff training.

According to the complaint, in November, the Virginia Department of Social Services released a report that outlined serious abuses that were alleged to have occurred at Minnieland Academy’s daycare facility that adjoins their corporate headquarters in Woodbridge, Virginia.

The report states that two staff members continually inflicted serious emotional and physical harm on children aged 17-24 months over a six-month period. Abuses included pushing and tripping the toddlers when they were walking, intentionally stepping on the toddlers’ toes when their shoes were off to cause pain, encouraging the toddlers to fight and hit one another, holding blankets over the toddlers’ faces when crying, holding their heads under water, verbal abuse, assaults that left marks on the children, and misreporting injuries caused by their abuses.


Concerned parents quickly formed a new group known as Minnieland Watch to track the development of this and other abuse cases, and to hold accountable corporate entities and state regulators for their responsibility to better protect children in their care.

The group plans to work with other child advocacy organizations to bring about bipartisan legislation that will carry low implementation costs for businesses and government agencies, and promote a safer environment for children in daycare programs.

The group’s spokesman, Adam Meyer, said “In just one week of being operational we’ve attracted over 200 followers to our Facebook page, and have heard from dozens and dozens of families, teachers, and child care industry experts. We’re beginning to form a clear picture of the common problems that contribute to daycare abuse incidents, and we’re working to help form solutions.

For more information about Minnieland Watch, visit their Facebook page at, or email info@minnielandwatch.org.

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