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The Early Years Are Critical…

enriching childhoodPositive Parenting Tip of the Day: Scientists have gained tremendous insight into what happens inside a young child’s brain.  We’ve learned that the brain’s microscopic message and delivery system responsible for our ability to feel, learn and remember – are not completely hard-wired at birth.  Rather, many of these connections develop (or don’t) beginning in early childhood, depending on your experience.

You don’t have to be a scientist to conclude that how children are treated during their early years (especially the first 3 years) – how they’re cared for and what they are exposed to – makes a monumental difference in the rest of their lives.  The early years are literally the foundation for everything that lies ahead.  Not just for your child’s future, but for the future of our nation.


800-CHILDREN Director &    PCAV’s Public Awareness Manager


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