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“Churches are not required to run background checks on youth ministers”

POSTED 9:50 PM, JUNE 5, 2014, BY 

HENRICO, Va. — Churches in Central Virginia are not required to conduct background checks on employees that work with kids, unless they work for a licensed daycare run by the church.  **CLICK HERE to read the full article and view video, or visit www.wtvr.com. **


Only a small # of sex offenders have criminal backgrounds. So while doing criminal background checks is important (and should be required), it’s not the only thing that should be done to prevent child abuse.

Training staff and members at church and religious groups to recognize potential abuse before it happens is as critical as background checks! Perpetrators look for easy access to vulnerable children, and often just knowing that a screening process is in place and that the congregation is educated, protects these innocent children.

“If you don’t teach people how to spot warning signs and if you don’t teach them how offenders infiltrate churches … then they don’t know when they’re hit. They don’t know until they’ve already got a victim.”
~Ashlee W. Roberts (800)CHILDREN Parent Helpline Director

CHILD ABUSE IS PREVENTABLE! If you’d like more information or to request a speaker or materials to distribute, please contact Prevent Child Abuse Virginia at (800)CHILDREN or 800children@pcav.org.  

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