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PCAA’s Summer Newsletter

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National Children’s Day

June 8, 2014, isNational Children’s Day!

“Americans recognize Mother’s Day, Father’s Day..so why not a national day for children? A day that revives, celebrates and commits to our children and their future.”

Celebrate the children in your families and you community!

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Fathers Day is right around the corner!
Remember your dad or dads this month and check out these Fathers Day Facts!

Facts for Features: Fathers Day



School is letting out and it’s time for some fun in the sun!

With the time off from school, summer can be a great time to teach kids about health and wellness.

Try letting your child pick one television show to watch each day then fill the remaining time with fun crafts, hobbies, outdoor sports and family activities.

Or dance around the house with the kids to burn calories, build lean muscle and enjoy some quality family time.

Get more great tips from MetroHealth that can keep you and your kids, and kids in the community, leading an active, healthy lifestyle this season!


PCA Kansas

The  2013 Annual Report is out!
Find out what Prevent Child Abuse America accomplished last year, including the expansion of the chapter network, expansion of the Healthy Families America program and what YOUR impact on children and families has been!*photo courtesy of Prevent Child Abuse Kansas 


Help move the Movement! The National Movement for America’s Children is growing and we want you to sign the pledge. To find out more about the Movement you can check out the website, read blog posts or follow the Movement for Children on Twitter and Facebook.

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