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Jacob Neff Volunteer Spotlight: Like Father, Like Son

            Jacob Neff had seen the passion in his father’s eyes, PCAV Board Member Brad Neff, long before he joined us this past summer as a Public Relations intern. For the past 8 years he saw the passion his father had and felt that he wanted to give back as well. When he learned of PCAV’s need for a Public Relations Intern, he jumped at the chance.  He felt that the experience would be something he would never forget, as well as something that would prepare him for an incredible career in the Public Relations field. Jacob is now a freshman at Bridgewater College studying marketing and public relations.

Once he began to work at PCAV, he soon experienced the very same connection his father had experienced with the organization. Jacob stated that, “not only is Prevent Child Abuse Virginia an incredible place to volunteer, but also an incredible place to learn.” He continued,  “during my time as a Public Relations Intern, I learned more about child abuse prevention than I had ever imagined possible, and this knowledge will be used throughout my lifetime to ensure that the world’s children may enjoy the best parts of being young and energetic, while they are still at the age at which they can fully enjoy it.”

Jacob’s favorite part about being a PCAV volunteer was the sense of accomplishment and a job well done that he received at the conclusion of each work day. He quickly came to realize that for those who work to protect the childhoods of Virginia’s children, and the childhoods of children around the world, there is always work to be done.

All of the staff at PCAV are incredibly grateful for Jacob’s dedication to the mission this past summer. Jacob updated all of our social media accounts throughout the summer, created infographics, made adjustments to the PCAV website, along with many other activities. We have no doubt that Jacob will continue to do incredible things with his life.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out a volunteer application here.