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National Pinwheel Garden

Prevent Child Abuse America Planted More Than 1,000 Pinwheels Today at Washington Monument to Celebrate Great Childhoods!


Today Prevent Child Abuse America and its Virginia and Maryland chapters celebrated the great childhoods that all children deserve with a “National Pinwheel Garden” by planting more than 1,000 pinwheels near the Washington Monument on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.


The public and members of event partners General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Sigma Delta Tau, Kappa Delta and Chartwells K12 were invited to celebrate the people who helped them enjoy great childhoods by having pinwheels planted in their honor in the National Pinwheel Garden.


“The pinwheel allows us to engage people in a new way,” said Prevent Child Abuse America President & CEO James M. Hmurovich. “It provides us with an engaging device to move beyond merely making people aware of child abuse prevention, but motivating them to take action on its behalf. From acts big and small, from providing busy parents with a break to signing onto letters to Congress, each of us can, and must, play a role in ensuring great childhoods for our nation’s children. This event in the nation’s capital is one more way to convey that message to the country.”


Individuals who also believe every child deserves a great childhood because our children are our future can make a gift today!DC pinwheel money shot