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2018 Child Abuse Prevention Month Packet

Below are links to each page of the 2018 Prevention Month Packet!

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month!  This year’s theme is Building Brighter Childhoods, below are a group of resources that we provide to organizations and individuals across the state.  Feel free to download and print out for yourself and your community!


(Includes listing of all materials included in packet)


Fact Sheet (Back)


Fact Sheet (Front)


Moments in Virginia


Families Forward (Front)


Families Forward (Back)




Sample Press Release


Survey (Back)


Survey (Front)


Recognizing Child Abuse


Using ACE Screen


Autism Spectrum


Self Care for Parents


Choosing the Right Partner


Successful Visitation


Keep Your Cell Away from Your Baby


Summer Safety Tips


Keep Kids Out of Hot Vehicles


Gun Safety Tips


Building Brighter Childhoods Graphic


Breastfeeding When Working


Weaning Your Baby


7 Ways to Build a Child’s Self-Esteem


Tech Tips for All Ages


Take Technology Off the Table


Helping Your Children with Homework


Grocery Shopping with Kids


Healthy Eating Fun


Parents Preventing Child Abuse


Boys Affected by Sexual Abuse


Opioids: Parenting & Resources


When & How to Choose a Therapist for Your Teen


Connecting with Traumatized Teens