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Bills We Oppose

Please refer to the chart below to learn more about the legislative bills that PCAV is OPPOSING during the ongoing General Assembly Session.

Last Updated: June 9th, 2014

Updates will be provided on an ongoing basis.

Bills PCAV OpposesCommitteeLast actionDateDecision
HB 1863  -  Rasoul  - Court-appointed counsel; waivers for compensation.(H)  Referral Pending(H) Committee Referral Pending1/13/2015
HB 2147  -  Cline  - Substance abuse screening and assessment of public assistance applicants and recipients.(H)  Referral Pending(H) Committee Referral Pending1/14/2015
SB 1117  -  Norment  - Child abuse or neglect, suspected; time period for investigation.
xRef. HB 1441
(S) Committee on Education and Health(S) Referred to Committee on Education and Health1/13/2015