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2016 Conference Presenters

In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, please
Wear Blue to the 

Conference Schedule:  7:30am – 4:15pm

Keynote Speaker: Pat Stanislaski

Pat is the Director of her own consulting firm: Partnering for Prevention. Prior to that, she served

as Administrator of the Office of Early Childhood Services at NJ’s Department of Children &

Families. While there, her duties included managing prevention programming for the most

vulnerable children – 0 to 6 years old.   For much of her career, she served as the Executive

Director of the New Jersey Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Project and the Executive Director

of the National/International Center for Assault Prevention.   Pat has conducted trainings in child

abuse prevention for more than 4,000 people across the United States as well as 16 countries

outside the US.

A frequent presenter at national and international conferences, she is the recipient of several

awards including the prestigious Commissioner’s Award from the US Department of Health and

Human Services, awarded to one person from each state for outstanding contributions in the field

of child abuse prevention. A longtime member of the International Society for Prevention of

Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN), she has served as a member of their Expert Faculty and is

also an active member and former Membership Chair of the National Coalition to Prevent Child

Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

Luncheon Speaker: Teri Covington, MPH

Theresa (Teri) Covington is the Executive Director for the HRSA funded National Center for

Fatality Review and Prevention, supporting states, tribes and territories in their child death

review processes.  She also manages the data coordinating center for the CDC’s Sudden Death in

the Young and Sudden and Unexplained Infant Death Case Registries, of which Virginia is a

grantee.  Teri is a Presidential Appointee to the National Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse

and Neglect Deaths.  She started her public health career as a Peace Corps Volunteer and then as

a health educator for the Northern Cheyenne and has over 35 years’ experience working in

community based maternal and child health.   She has an MPH from the University of Michigan.

Closing Speaker: Josh Bailey

Joshua is the President & CEO of Gray Haven. He is a Strategic Advisor to RestoreNYC, advises

Virginia legislators, the Department of Criminal Justice Services, Office of the Attorney General,

Virginia Department of Social Services, and anti-trafficking programs on effective responses to

human trafficking. Joshua regularly guest lectures at the University of Richmond and Virginia

Commonwealth University as well as providing on-going expertise to law enforcement, state and

local agencies, and non-profits to strengthen the collective goal of eradicating human trafficking

and slavery.

Registration: 7:30-8:30am

Opening Session: 8:45–10:00am

Keynote Speaker:  Pat Stanislaski, “Footprints and Footsteps”

 This keynote focuses on the hard work people do every day on behalf of children and families. None of us is out

there alone. Others have been there, have laid the groundwork, have given us footprints to follow. And many

are still walking alongside us today. Still others are just beginning the journey and, when we step aside, they

will walk on ahead of us. No matter what we do in this life, that perspective of who walked before us, who walks

with us and who will walk on ahead is an integral part of how we look at our work, where it has taken us and

where we yet want to go. With a lifetime of work- locally, nationally and internationally- in the field of child

abuse prevention, the speaker helps the audience understand the great value they bring to this field and offers

validation and encouragement for their efforts.

Morning Workshops: 10:15-11:45am

Luncheon: 12:00 – 1:45pm: FACT Awards, Champion for Children Award

Luncheon Keynote: Teri Covington, MPH – “A Report from the National Commission to End Child Abuse and

Neglect   Fatalities: What was Learned and What is Being Recommended to Put an End to Child Abuse and

Neglect Deaths”

 The National Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities, established by Congress in 2012, has

finished its work and released its report to the President and US Congress. Ms. Covington, one of the 12

Commissioners, will provide us with an overview of the Commission’s work and recommendations, especially

those focused on child fatality prevention.

Afternoon Workshops: 2:00-3:30pm

Closing Session: 3:30-4:15pm

Closing Keynote: Josh Bailey – “Embracing Uncertainty”

 If our brains interpret uncertainty as a threat, why do we still crave significance, meaning, purpose and to change

the world when there are no guarantees? When the issues are as complex as those involved in the persistence

of human trafficking and slavery, this talk explores the greatest threat we face when trying to make change.

Meet & Greet with Speakers


o Why Some Bounce Back and Some Never Do: Resilience in Those Who Experience

Childhood Abuse- Pat Stanislaski, Director, Partnering for Prevention

 This workshop examines sources of resilience in children, responses and conditions that foster

o Practice Profiles: Vision and Values Transformed “From Paper to Practice” -Anne Kisor,

MSW, PhD, & Judy Gundy, MSW;  Virginia Department of Social Services

 Learn how a Practice Model, Practice Profiles, and Coaching Supervision intersect to provide a

resilience and the relationship between protective factors and resilient children. It also offers

suggestions for what parents and caregivers can do to promote resilience in their children.

framework for best practices, develop and sustain worker competency, promote consistency in

service delivery, facilitate continuous improvement strategies, and support effective recruitment

and retention in the social services setting.

o Using Stories to Build Social and Emotional Competence of Children- Lynne Edwards,


 Children love stories. Through stories and the characters with whom they identify, they learn about

the world around them, and how to overcome everyday obstacles. Parents and other caregivers

reading together with children also helps build strong emotional connections and lays the

foundation for school readiness. Purposeful reading of stories coupled with planned activities that

emphasize children’s learning can foster the skills they need to develop social and emotional

competence, to increase their language aptitude, and prepare them for life.

o The Changing Faces of Poverty – Panel Discussion

 Emily Griffey- Senior Policy Analyst, Voices for Virginia’s Children

 Hope Kestle- Director of Child Nutrition Programs, FeedMore

 Nicole Austin, PhD- Early Childhood Education, Old Dominion University

 Mark Golden- Economic Assistance and Employment Manager, VDSS

 Kimberly Tucker- Senior Director of Housing & Homeless Services, St. Joseph’s Villa

o Parent Education: Finding the Best Fit for Families- Virginia Statewide Parenting Education

Coalition (VSPEC) Members- Michele Tryon, MA, BS, CCLS; Angela Borsella, PhD; Carol Dolber

McMurray, MSW, ACSW

 All parent education is the same, right? NOT! Parenting Education comes in different levels and

forms. How do we determine the best fit responding to family needs? What is best practice in P.E.?

Join us for this interactive workshop and application of the VSPEC Tool Kit as we collaborate to

serve families.


o Creating an Empathy Epidemic: The Importance of Creating, Building and Sustaining

Empathy -Pat Stanislaski, Director, Partnering for Prevention

 This workshop will address what empathy is, how vital it is in human communication and interaction

and why it is essential that we teach it to children as early as possible. The presenter will also

discuss new information from the scientific community regarding empathy and brain development

as well as empathy in non-human animals and the importance of mirror neurons – now being seen

as the cornerstone for empathy, language and other vital human processes.

o Home Visiting 101 -Laurel Aparicio, Director, Virginia Home Visiting Consortium

 Research consistently demonstrates the effectiveness of early childhood home visiting programs in

o Human Trafficking: From Basics to Action- Josh Bailey, President & CEO of Gray Haven

 The workshop will begin with a brief overview of human trafficking, a modern day form of slavery,

improving the health and safety of our most vulnerable families and children. Learn more about

Virginia’s early childhood home visiting programs and the impact these programs are having in

communities throughout the Commonwealth.

and how it affects children and young adults across the world, the United States, and Virginia. We’ll

answer the question, “Why do we need to understand the global and national issue when we are

focused in one community?” Then the session will dive deeper into what exactly trafficking is,

whom it affects, and why it persists. We will breakdown some of the myths associated with human

trafficking, share our data, and give each workshop participant a working knowledge of human

trafficking. That working knowledge will translate into an ability to identify a victim of human

trafficking and what to do when someone is suspected of being a victim of human trafficking.

o The Hidden Rules: What Drives Your Families to Make the Choices They Do (A Book

Discussion on “A Framework for Understanding Poverty” by Ruby Payne)-

Whitney Kern, LCSW, Prevention Consultant, Chesterfield Mental Health

 In this workshop, we will discuss Ruby Payne’s groundbreaking book, A Framework for

Understanding Poverty. Participants will discover some of the book’s major concepts: an

inclusive definition of poverty; how use of language affects our work with others;

knowledge of the hidden rules of poverty; and strategies for partnering with others for

effective interventions. Come join us to find out why this book has been called

“transformative”. Prior reading/knowledge of the book is not necessary.

o How Poverty Affects Academic & Social Success- Viola Vaughan-Eden, PhD- Norfolk State


 Children raised in poverty rarely choose to behave differently, but they are faced daily with

overwhelming challenges that affluent children never have to confront, and their brains have

adapted to suboptimal conditions in ways that undermine good school performance.

Combined, these factors present an extraordinary challenge to academic and social success.

This reality does not mean that success in school or life is impossible. On the contrary, a

better understanding of these challenges points to actions educators can take to help their

less-advantaged students succeed.

Continental breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks included.  On-site exhibits.

Registration deadline is March 24th.

Conference registration is $50.  Payment by credit card only. No refunds.

No checks or cash will be accepted.  Purchase orders will not be issued for this event.

No exceptions.

Online registration through EventBrite only.  Registration by phone is not available.

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In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, please Wear Blue to the