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Here are helpful resources, provided by prevention experts and other professionals who have participated in our recent statewide Prevention Month Conferences, which are co-hosted by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

2012 Conference Materials


Tell Me About Circle of Parents

Benefits of Mutual Self Help Groups

Feedback from listening sessions

National Movement for America Responses to Big Question

Immigrant Parents

Adolescents Special Needs (UAC)

2011 Conference Materials

The handouts below are grouped by workshop. Not all workshop presenters used or provided materials; however, PCAV has listed what is available for sessions you may have missed.

Ready, Set, GOals: Creating Family Support Plans

Presenter: Markella Budesky

Workshop will give service providers who work with families information and guidance on how to help parents plan for success.

IFSP Tools

Practice Activity, My IFSP

Practice Activity, Step 1

Practice Activity, Step 2

Setting Up Strategies Worksheet

Writing Smart Goal Statements

The Community Café Approach: Changing the Lives of Children with Conversations That Matter

Presenters: Robin Higa and Steve Byers

This two-part skill-building workshop will include a Community Cafe experience, the systems thinking theory behind this capacity -building approach, and tools to begin implementation.

19 Protective Factors Conversation Sheet

Alliance One Pager

Design Template

Flowgenda Template

Harvest Form

Iceberg for Cafe

Planning Team Discussion

Quick Guide

Talk Story Flyer

Tips for Hosting

The Cost of Caring

Presenter: Renee Branson Yung

The Cost of Caring: Prevention and Treatment of Compassion Fatigue

Writings from Conference Keynote Speaker Jaiya John, in honor of Social Worker Appreciation Month

They Call You Social Worker

Dear One Who Cares Enough to Serve My Life

To view Jaiya John reciting these pieces, please visit http://jaiyajohn.com/audiovideo.html

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