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5 Reasons to Invest $5.00

Investing in programs that strengthen families and help children succeed is an investment in our community’s future.  That is why we chose this year’s prevention theme to be “Insure Their Future: Invest in Children.” 

Last year in Virginia, 52,675 children were reported as possible victims of abuse and/or neglect. The Virginia Department of Social Services found that 6,365 children were maltreated, and of those, 35 children died as a result of abuse and/or neglect. The statistics can be overwhelming, but they are reminders that no one can afford to look the other way.  Everyone can find a way to make a difference so that children reach their potential.  Often, individuals and groups want to make donations but feel they cannot give enough, or what they have to give is too little.

The 5 Reasons to Invest $5 campaign is a way for everyone to contribute a little to a big cause – every little bit counts!  Please consider donating $5 to prevent child abuse – and ask 5 friends to give $5 too!

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To learn how you can  participate in this campaign as an individual, business, civic group, place of worship or other,  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!  

  • Your $5 will educate 10 parents with tools for stress management; or send public education materials to 2 communities to conduct local campaigns during Child Abuse Prevention Month and beyond.
  • When 5 friends give $5 – $25 will provide 13 families with support or referrals through our  statewide, toll-free 6 days a week helpline for parents, caregivers and professionals.
  • $50 will help 25 children or families who call 800-CHILDREN; or provide extensive parenting instruction for an entire family
  • $100 will provide 1 hour of training to prepare 10 Family Support Workers to work directly with new parents through Healthy Families; 1 edition of PCAV’s monthly newsletter; or teacher training videos/materials for 10 schools where Hugs & Kisses performs
  • $150 will provide custom made parenting packets for 150 parents containing suggested tools for coping successfully with specific parenting challenges; or 4 hours of child sexual abuse training for the case members of Hugs & Kisses.

Click on the icon above to donate using Paypal or Credit Card

The following materials are available for download:

  • 5 Reasons to Invest $5 POSTER  (customize-able )
  • 5 Reasons to Invest $5 POST CARD  ( to cut and distribute)


 Questions? Contact Ashlee Roberts at aroberts@pcav.org or (804) 359-6166 x:304