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Hugs and Kisses

026PCAV co-sponsors this child sexual abuse prevention play, being performed for over 30 years to teach elementary school children how to keep safe from, or report, sexual abuse. Produced in partnership with Virginia Repertory Theatre, formerly Theatre IV, and the Virginia Department of Social Services, the play reaches more than 40,000 Virginia students each year.




  • Good touch, bad touch and secret touch concepts sensitively introduced to K – 5 students in an age appropriate manner
  • Award-winning, enjoyable musical play serving approximately 40,000 students throughout Virginia annually
  • Seen by over 1.5 million students in every school district in the state; over 13,000 have sought help directly after the play
  • Proven to teach prevention resources and techniques across all grade levels


  • Hugs and Kisses has been performed in every school district in Virginia.
  • Serves approximately 40,000 K – 5 children throughout Virginia each year
  • Seen by over 1.5 million children
  • Over 13,000 students have sought help directly after the program
  • An annual systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of Hugs and Kisses is done by the School of Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University

The evaluation consistently proves:

  • Children across all grade levels learn the program’s prevention lessons
  • Children’s knowledge of prevention resources and techniques increases
  • Teacher satisfaction with the program continues and their confidence and sense of competency around the issue increases


  • Over 1,000 founded cases of child sexual abuse in Virginia each year.
  • This crime cuts across cultural, racial, and economic bounds.
  • Victims range in age from less than one year through adolescence.
  • The median age for the start of child sexual abuse is 8.5 years of age (2nd grade)
  • 70% to 90% of perpetrators were known and trusted by the child.
  • Statistically, by age 18, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men report having been sexually abused .


Book and Lyrics By Bruce Craig Miller and A. Terry Bliss
Music by Richard Giersch

Hugs and KissesNow in its 34th year of touring, Hugs and Kisses introduces the concepts of good touch, bad touch and secret touch to elementary school students in a sensitive and an age appropriate manner through an enjoyable, award-winning musical play. Hugs and Kisses is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s principal and most comprehensive child sexual abuse prevention program and has been since its inception in 1983.

Hugs and Kisses has been shown in every school district in Virginia and has been seen by over 1.5 million children. The play is evaluated annually by two independent evaluators and an annual student and teacher questionnaire. The evaluation consistently proves that children learn the prevention message across all elementary school grade levels and that teachers feel more confident and competent when dealing with child sexual abuse issues.

This award-winning landmark musical play sensitively and inoffensively tells the story of a little girl who has been sexually abused. During the course of the play, the little girl and her friends learn valuable life lessons that enable her to talk to a trusted adult who can bring help.



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