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Program Success Stories

Our signature programs are designed to ensure the well being of all children. Please take a moment to read examples of success stories of our programs to see how we are helping to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Circle of Parents:

This past year PCAV supported 288 families (over 1300 individuals) through the 11 program sites of Circle of Parents. PCAV is a member of the National Circle of Parents network composed of twenty member states. Parents participating in Circle of Parents report that they feel they have a better understanding of their child and are more confident in their ability to take care of their child’s needs, as a result of the information they have learned through their support group. Parents participating in Circle of Parents group are encouraged to become advocates for their family’s needs.  They become empowered.  They are able to “speak up” as a result of what they have learned in their Circle of Parents group.

Please read a sample of some of our Circle of Parent’s Success Stories, in their own words:

Donna’s Story
Maria’s Story
Sandra’s Story


Healthy Families:

Please read a selection of Healthy Families Success Stories, as told by Healthy Families Workers in their own words:

Healthy Families Alexandria
Healthy Families of the Southwest
Healthy Families Suffolk
Healthy Families Success Stories

Hugs and Kisses:

Hugs & Kisses, a program developed in 1983 by Prevent Child Abuse Virginia, Virginia Repertory Theatre and the Virginia Department of Social Services, teaches children K-5 how to recognize and protect themselves from sexual abuse. Although it was designed as a prevention program, the play helps some children realize that they have experienced “secret touch”.  For these children, the play becomes an early intervention program which can protect them from further abuse.  During the Q&A at the end of the play, the actors (who play the parts of children, a teacher…..and a dog) invite any concerned children to come forward to talk to a “special friend,” the local Child Protective Services worker.   An average of 3-4 children stay after every performance to receive the help and support they so desperately need.  Although we will never know how many cases of sexual abuse have been prevented by these programs, and we don’t have specific numbers of children who have been saved from ongoing sexual abuse (because of confidentiality policies), we have anecdotal information from the actors, school counselors and court cases where perpetrators have been prosecuted.  We know that there have been well over 1,200 successful prosecutions over the years

Please read a sample of 4 stories that illustrate the value of the program.


800 Children:

Please read a sampling of examples of calls made to 800 CHILDREN and the resources and conversations that resulted.

800 CHILDREN testimonials