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Why I Volunteer for PCAV…


Our volunteers provide invaluable support to children, families and communities.  They are the backbone of many of our fundraising efforts, and are a vital part of all that we do here at Prevent Child Abuse Virginia.

“The heart of a volunteer beats with the spirit of service, generosity, and compassion…and the health and well-being of our community, our country and our world.”

If you are one of our amazing volunteers, you deserve a massive ‘thank you’ for all you do to protect children and strengthen families!

We want to hear about your experiences and what volunteering means to you!  Scroll down to complete the short entry form.  All submissions are eligible to be featured on our social media sites and website (pending your approval) in effort to let the world know how lucky we are to have people like you who support our organization!



  • i.e. Admin assistance, special events, pinwheels for prevention, etc.