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Bills Committee Last action Date
HB 1435 - Head - VIEW; pilot program for substance abuse screening and assessment. (H) Committee on Appropriations (H) Left in Appropriations 02/08/17
HB 2213 - O'Bannon - TANF; time limit on the receipt of financial assistance. (H) Committee on Appropriations (H) Left in Appropriations 02/08/17
HB 2264 - Cline - Department of Health; restrictions on expenditure of funds related to abortions and family planning. (H) Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions

(S) Committee on Education and Health
(H) Bill text as passed House and Senate (HB2264ER) 02/16/17
HB 2452 - Morris - Discovery in criminal cases; duty to provide. (H) Committee for Courts of Justice (H) Left in Courts of Justice 02/07/17
SB 1278 - McDougle - Child pornography; discretionary sentencing guideline midpoints for possession. (S) Committee on Finance (S) Passed by indefinitely in Finance (15-Y 1-N) 02/01/17
SB 1560 - Norment - Child pornography; accused person possesses and produces pornography, penalties. (S) Committee for Courts of Justice (S) Failed to report (defeated) in Courts of Justice (5-Y 9-N) 02/01/17

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