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PCAV Young Professionals Board

PCAV’s Young Professionals Board’s mission is to end child abuse and neglect in our commonwealth. The purpose of the Young Professionals Board is to engage members in a lifelong journey to be connected in their communities through non-profit and or other civic groups. We achieve our mission by presenting monthly in-person leadership development workshops, facilitated by PCAV staff and board members and external partner and by providing hands-on opportunities for program participants to lead PCAV community programs and fundraisers. In addition to bolstering participant’s knowledge and practical leadership experiences, the program increases exposure to and understanding of PCAV programs and community impact, supplements PCAV’s traditional fundraising efforts, and builds a pipeline of prospective PCAV board members.


We are looking for energetic young professionals between the ages of 23 – 35 who are eager to make a difference in their community.  As a member of the young professionals committee you will have the opportunity to network with other young professionals while coordinating activities to raise awareness about the importance of prevention, and most importantly you will be playing a major role in keeping Virginia’s children safe from abuse and neglect.

2015/2016 Young Professional Committee Members

Kevin RudnickPCAV CAP RVA_Kevin Rudnick 8x10
Erin SteiglederPCAV CAPRVA_Erin Steigleder_8x10

Jocy VuillerPCAV CAP RVA_Jocy Vuiller_8x11
Victoria WilliamsonPCAV CAPRVA_ Tori Williamson 8x10

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To learn more or if you have any questions, please contact Garrett Johnson at GJohnson@pcav.org or Kristen Ondishko at KOndishko@pcav.org.

If you are interested in applying to become a member of the PCAV Young Professionals Board, please fill out the following form.

PCAV Young Professionals Committee Application